The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

The best bitcoin hardware wallets specifically designed to secure your digital wealth offline.

The Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets

Bitcoin allows you to take true sovereign ownership of your wealth. With this great power, comes responsibility to store your bitcoin in a secure manner. Hardware wallets secure your coins in an offline environment where hackers can not gain access to them, making them an integral part in a secure bitcoin setup.

Here are my list of favourite hardware wallets.

Disclaimers: I am not a security expert and I suggest you do further research into these. None of these companies pay me to promote them. I do however have affiliate links.

ColdCard (BTC Only)

ColdCard is one of the most trusted and well known bitcoin hardware wallets. ColdCard is fully airgapped, has dual vender secure elements, and its code is viewable. The downside is that their code is not Free and open source, meaning other developers may be less incentivized to review it. The secure elements are also closed source.


BlockStream Jade (BTC Only)

BlockStream Jade is a fully open source hardware wallet that comes in at a cheaper price point. Their code can be used by other developers, incentivizing other devs to review it. In order to remain fully open source, Jade has a "virtual secure element" with its own set of tradeoffs.

BUY A JADE. Use code "southernbitcoiner" for 10% off.

SeedSigner (BTC Only)

SeedSigner is a DIY signing device you can build from scratch. You do not have to trust any wallet manufacturer, and can build a HWW in a truly sovereign way. The downside is that the Raspberry Pi board you use is closed source, and is not built specifically for bitcoin.


BitBox (BTC Only edition + Altcoin edition)

BitBox is a fully open source hardware wallet with dual chip security, allowing them to use a closed source secure element (No open source SE exists) in a trustless way. BitBox is a lesser known device, but has impressed me with its great security model. One downside is the device is not AirGapped.


Trezor (BTC Only + Altcoins)

Trezor was the first hardware wallet on the market, and has built a trusted brand over the years. Their devices are fully open source (except for Safe 3, which has a closed source secure element), and the developers have made great contributions to bitcoin. The downside with Trezor is that seeds can be extracted if an attacker has access to your device (except for Safe 3)


Which one should you get?

If you want a fully sovereign, DIY device: build a SeedSigner.

If you want a super secure and open source device at a great price: Get a Jade. "southernbitcoiner" gets you 10% off.

If you want an ultra secure and fully AirGapped device: Get a ColdCard.

If you want an ultra secure and open source device: Get a BitBox.

If you need altcoin support: Get a Trezor or a BitBox.