Support Services

During my years being in the bitcoin space, I have observed that many bitcoiners understand the value of holding Bitcoin but often lack the knowledge to secure it properly. It is very alarming to see individuals storing their life force with fragile bitcoin setups.

This pushed me to create free Bitcoin video guides over the past year. After discovering demand for hands on guidance, I began offering 1-on-1 sessions, where I help you with the following:

Hardware Wallets

I have experience with a wide range of hardware wallets and can guide you through the setup, using the device, and following the best practices to ensure the security of your stack.

Software Wallets

Learn how to use software wallets, or "coordinators" with your Hardware Wallet in order to manage your UTXO set effectively. Also, learn how to use Software Wallets for every day spending of your bitcoin.

UTXO management

Learn how to manage your UTXO set so it is future proof. Bad practice can potentially make your stack worthless. I suggest watching this video to get started.


Bitcoin is completely public chain. I will teach the basics of bitcoin privacy, and how you can maintain anonymity on chain.

Putting it all together: Building your setup

Putting all these elements together, I can help you build a secure bitcoin setup so that you can sleep like a baby, and manage your stack like an expert.

My weaknesses:

Bitcoin can take many years to master, and there are a few things I do not consider myself an expert at. I would not want to waste your money trying to teach the following:

  • Lightning nodes: I do not and have never run a lightning node. I do use lightning itself often.
  • Running an Electrum server: I run bitcoin core on my daily driver Mac. I have never run an Electrum server.


USD 50 per hour.

Book a session:

Reach out to me over email ( or DM me on Twitter to book a date and time. Note I am in South Africa and my timezone is CAT.

Let me know what you need assistance with and I will let you know if I can help.