How to use Bitcoin Testnet in Sparrow Wallet

An easy to follow guide showing you how to use testnet bitcoin within Sparrow Wallet

How to use Bitcoin Testnet in Sparrow Wallet

Bitcoin gives you the power to take true self sovereign ownership of your wealth. With this power, there is great responsibility. You, and only you, are responsible for securing your wealth.

The best way to learn about bitcoin and how to secure it, is by using it. A risk free way to test things out on bitcoin is by using testnet.

What is testnet?

Bitcoin’s testnet is another version of bitcoins blockchain that is used for testing purposes. It works just like bitcoins main chain, but the native token, tBTC is worthless, allowing you to get some testing coins for free and allowing you to burn fees without losing any real money.

How to use Testnet in Sparrow Wallet:

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