The Sparrow Wallet guides

A series of videos covering Sparrow Bitcoin Wallet. Guides for beginners and more advanced users.

The Sparrow Wallet guides
The Sparrow Wallet Guides 

Sparrow wallet is the gold standard for bitcoin wallets. It is feature-rich with a focus on security, privacy and usability. Anything you want from a bitcoin wallet, Sparrow can do it.

Because Sparrow Wallet is so feature packed, it can be difficult to navigate for newer users. Thats why I have put together the Sparrow Wallet guides.

Below are a series of videos that will guide you through how to set Sparrow Wallet up and how to use its many features.

How to Download and Verify Sparrow Wallet

When your bitcoin is at risk, you must ensure that you download the correct software. This video will show you how to download Sparrow Wallet, and how to verify the software is authentic.

How to connect Sparrow Wallet to Bitcoin core

Sparrow Wallet allows you to easily connect your wallet to your bitcoin node if they are running on the same machine. This is for more advanced users, but important for true self sovereignty and privacy. If you don't have a node set up, see the Running Bitcoin guide.

How to set up Sparrow Wallet: create wallet, send, receive, best practices.

Sparrow Wallet is built for advanced users, and at first, it can be a bit of sensory overload. This video will guide you through the initial set up, how to send and receive, and some best practices along the way.

How to CoinJoin with Sparrow Wallet.

Bitcoin's blockchain is completely transparent, and using bad practices can be terrible for your financial privacy. One of the best things you can do to reclaim your privacy is through CoinJoin. Here is how to use Samourai Whirlpool CoinJoin within Sparrow Wallet.

How to deal with unmixed CoinJoin change

When mixing your coins in Sparrow Wallet, you will likely be left over with unmixed change. BEWARE! This change can dox your mixed coins if you aren't careful. Below is a video explaining how unmixed change can dox you, and 4 ways to deal with it accordingly.

How to safely update Sparrow Wallet

Again, when your bitcoin is at risk, it is best to verify the software you download. Below is a guide on how to safely update your Sparrow Wallet. It is essentially the same process as downloading for the first time.

UTXO management in Sparrow Wallet

Small Bitcoin UTXOs can become unspendable in high fee environment. It is best to prepare your UTXO set in case fees spike. This video covers why and how you need to prepare your UTXOs in Sparrow:

How to use Testnet bitcoin in Sparrow

Bitcoin affords you the right to true self sovereign ownership of your wealth, and that comes with great responsibility and accountability. If you mess things up, your wealth can disappear. Playing around with bitcoins testnet is a great, risk free way to get a feel of how everything works or experiment with advanced features.

More Sparrow videos coming soon.

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