Video: How to run a bitcoin node for free

Video: How to run a bitcoin node for free

Running a bitcoin node is easier than most think. All you need to do is run some software, which will download the blockchain to your computer or external hard drive. Once fully downloaded, keep the software running to keep in sync with the blockchain. Simple as that.

To run a bitcoin node, you will need 2 things:

  1. A computer (can be an old computer)
  2. 500 GB of storage (preferably an SSD)

Step 1: Download and verify bitcoin core

To start running your own bitcoin node, you will need the bitcoin core software. In this video, I show you how to download bitcoin core and verify its authenticity. The verify part is optional, but recommended.

Step 2: How to run your bitcoin node

This video shows you how to actually get your node up and running. Once the software has started doing its thing, it will begin downloading the blockchain which may take about a week to fully sync.

Step 3 (optional): Connect to Sparrow Wallet

To take full advantage of your bitcoin node, connect it to your Sparrow Wallet. You will then be verifying your bitcoin transactions independently. No need to trust any third parties.

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